Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cuddle Buddies

I don't need to explain

I heart them!!!

Her little white dress

On January 2, 2011 Hannah Cate NeSmith was blessed by her father. It was sweet and wonderful. It was a day that I had been looking forward to for literally years. I'm so blessed to be a member of the Lord's church. My little girl is so blessed to have such a wonderful strong priesthood holder as a father. Hannah was blessed with so many wonderful gifts from Heavenly Father. I can't wait to see those gifts manifest themselves as she develops & grows. She is so special.

Many of her family came to celebrate with us.

Her Ancestors (hehehe)

A Couple of Firsts

What can I say, she is just a living doll!!!
This is on her way to church for the first time
These are her first bath
***Sigh.... she's so little***
She's not so sure about it

Safe and sound, nice and warm
Going on her first walk around the block. Her mother was going a little stir crazy.

She did like it. This was before the walk.

We're so proud!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And so this is Christmas

Merry Christmas from the NeSmith's!!! This Christmas was such a whirlwind. It came in went so quickly. (As you can probably tell from the delay in this post.) I think from the picture you can tell we are a little sleep deprived and just trying to make it through the day. In order for us to get each other gifts this year, let me tell you how we shopped. It consisted of one of us in the car driving Hannah around the Target parking lot while the other went inside for a supermarket sweep.
Hannah and Santa!
Christmas stockings that are not quite done. (So I guess strictly speaking our stockings are plastic bags.)
Here's the loot!
Hannah got the hookup. (Too bad some of them aren't age appropriate yet.)
This was such a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! We have been so blessed. Even 2 months since then, I still cry over how grateful I am.


Everyone knows those advertisements for weight lose.

Well, I have come up with a way to make that possible. The steps are listed below.
1. Get pregnant
2. While pregnant, make sure to get gestional hypertension.
3. Put on 70+ pounds during pregnacy.
4. Give birth
5. Pee
6. Pee alot more

Viola!!! Off come the pounds!!!

***Fine Print: You will have to lose the other 30 pounds by yourself. Sorry, that's just the way it is***

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Yellow Baby

My poor little girl. She was a yellow baby. What I mean by that is that she had jaundice.
Now let me explain, since she was born early she had some problems developing a strong suck to nurse. This meant wasn't getting any food. To get rid of jaundice you need two things, fluids and light. I was completely oblivious to the fact that she wasn't getting any milk. It wasn't until I went to the doctor the day after she was discharged that I found out she wasn't getting any milk. She had almost lost a pound since she was born. It's normal to lose weight. But not like that. Basically, she was starving. Ugh.... it still hurts to think about it. We started feeding her formula immediately. (I still wanted to breast feed, so I pumped.... and pumped.....and pumped at ALL hours of the day. I would have to wake up to feed her and then go and pump. We've had long nights LONG LONG nights.) It took 7 days for my milk to come in. uck!
This is her sunbathing. To bad it wasn't enough to get rid of the jaundice.
I should have known something was up when Emily said the night she came home that our baby had a great tan. On my phone I have a picture of Stephen holding her. It is shocking to see how different their skin tones are in that picture.
My poor baby was pricked so many times trying to find a vein. Stephen went back there with her. He said they tried at least 20 times. Each time they would try to put an IV in, her vein would blow because she didn't have enough fluid in her to sustain the IV. (I hope that I explained that ok) She had bruises on her hands for over a month. She was pricked in the hands, feet, arms and yes her head. Nothing worked. She eventually had to get a tube down her nose to get the food she needed. If we would have known how rough it would be to try and get an IV, we would have chosen the tube first. Bless her little heart. In this picture you can see the blood on her foot band aids. She's just to little to have to go through this. My precious little girl.
This is her in her incubator. You can see the glow of the lights from the bottom. She also had a top light but it's not on in this picture. It gave off such a creepy vibe. These are her first sunshades too.
She did have visitors. They were a great help on helping her get a full tummy. When she wasn't being tube fed she was getting fed a bottle, still trying to build up her suck.
This is where Stephen and I spent the nights and days she was there. The hospital was absolutely wonderful to us.
She got to come out to play... a little bit.
This is her after she got the tube taken out. She no longer looks like Maggie Simpson.
After an extensive photo shoot, she had had enough. She really isn't a fan of cameras.
She was soooooo ready to go home.
The back of the door in Hannah's room. We're with George, we're outta here!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's a real Dad!

The badge that you're a real Dad!
Being peed on.

And we're off....

To the hospital that is. My blood pressure was incredibly elevated on Sunday the 28th of November. WAY elevated! It was something like 169/92. My doctor had told us to go to the hospital if it registered anything over 150/80. I think I was preclamtic checking into the hospital(even though no one told me so). So off we went to the hospital. This is the final picture in real people clothes before giving birth to my baby girl. I love it. It looks like I stuffed a pillow under my shirt.These pictures probably aren't are best. You've got 2 ultra nervous first time parents that didn't even have a bag packed yet. (Give me a break on that. I had just moved.) Poor ole Stephen had to deal with a highly emotional pregnant woman who kept freaking out and crying spontaneously. He is my rock!

Just shy of 9 months

On Monday the 29th of November, I was induced. My doctor is a woman. She understands labor. She knows it hurts. That is why she lets her patients get an epidural at 2centimers dilated. Considering I walked in the hospital at 2 centimenters dilated, I didn't have a long labor. Bless Dr. Logan, Bless her! However, the drugs like totally knocked me out. You'll see from the pictures that I look pretty drowsy. I basically slept all day until I started to push.

Here we go!!! There is always time for a little chocolate!
I don't remember my mom coming in.
I spared you all prepping for the pushing pictures. I pushed for 2 hours. Poor little girl had her head stuck. She turned it in the birth canal and wouldn't turn it. Two doctors delivered her Dr. Logan and Dr. Ashcraft. I thought I had been pushing (and I had!!!! HARD!!!) but when Dr. Ashcraft pushed on my stomach I didn't know what pressure was. I think there was damage to my tail bone. Labor and delivery was a walk in the park compared to the postpardum.

Now weighing in at a whooping 7 pounds 12 ounzes at 2 1/2 weeks early. We have
Hannah Cate NeSmith
entering into the ring.
By the way she was 20" long. Big girl for that early.

My little sweet heart!
First family picture!!!
Vitals.... good!
After her first bath. Looks just like her Dad!
Now on the way home!