Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hobbit feet

Say what?

Stephen was out at church
For something, I don't remember what.
He came in kinda flustered kinda in shock kinda I don't have a word for it.
Then he started telling me about his ride home.
It went something like this:
He was driving home when suddenly a humongous pine tree fell into the road. Like a 100 feet in front of him.
No one was cutting it.
There was no wind. 
It wasn't raining
There wasn't anyone outside or anything.
The tree just fell.
Of course when he told me, I was thinking it couldn't have been that big.
So, we all jumped in the car to check it out.
This is across two full lanes and most of a third.
We are so thankful Daddy wasn't hurt!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Primary? Already?

Yikes! That's right Hannah
You have to sit still
You precious little thing
We love you! Have fun with the big kids!