Friday, January 10, 2014

Eat together

We have this family thing
It's pretty awesome
We point our fingers
and that expresses love

Happy Halloween

Hannah got to meet a princess!
She was in love
Hannah wanted to be a "fighter" for Halloween.
"Hannah sweetie, you can't be a fighter for Halloween"
"What? A spider? Oh......"
A spider was to hard for me to do.
So, we settled on her second choice, a witch.
The wicked witch and her flying monkey.

She had the witch down pretty good. She had a perfect cackle down and just look at those shifty eyes.
Sarah, for once please open your eyes!

The stash

You can never have too many suckers at one time

Happy Halloween from the NeSmiths

Let's hear it for the boy!

He is not talked about enough in this blog
October he treated me too good.
He took me to Phantom of the Opera ballet
Had a weekend at the cabin
Went to go see Les Miserables at Faulkner
AND went on a haunted hayride.
Love this guy!

Popsicle perfection


When did my refrigerator turn into an obstacle course? 


My Mom bought me and her a season pass to Dollywood last Christmas.
I initially thought it would be a waste of money because I couldn't see myself coming there so often.
Well, I was wrong. Mom was....well, right.
We have really enjoyed it.
Cruising with Hannah in the drivers seat  
She was the perfect driver.
Only honked her horn to say hello.
Much different than the times that her mother uses her horn.
Cousin love... in the non back woods Tennessee/Alabama way
Hannah's first roller coaster ride
Ha! Sarah completely hating it!
Eva on the other hand
Ha! Laugh every time
Still hating it
What's this?
Is that a smile I see creeping up on your lovely face?
The person conducting the ride told her like five times to sit on her bottom.
On the loud speaker.
It took me at least three times of her saying it to realize she was talking about Sarah.
My question to the conductor:
Do you really think that a barely one year old is going to realize you are talking to her?
Thick as thief's 

The new class
I had the brilliant idea that I could take all five kids home to grandmas by myself
I still get scared thinking about it
5 kids, 2 one year olds, 1 two year old, 1 three year old
But everything went perfect

The most beloved toy

The best toy ever made for little girls
is a shopping cart.
My mother in-law, last year, asked what she should get for Hannah for Christmas.
I said, "Well, she is getting a play kitchen for Christmas. Why don't you get her some play food to go with it."
I then told her about the shopping cart at walmart I saw that was full of play food.
We got the best toy in error.
I wanted it for the food...only the food.
I thought the shopping cart was just going to be something else to trip on.
They love it (way more than the food)

This shopping cart goes everywhere is this house. It is currently right beside my bed.
Even though it is something I in fact do trip over (a lot) I sure do love it and recommend it to any parent of a little girl.

Sarah pictures

The poor child
is rough

The cutest shopper ever

We needed a couple things at the store.
I told Hannah, we need to go to the store.
I forgot my purse in the house.
Went to go get it
The mini shopping cart just appeared in the passenger seat.
Got to the store
Got the girls out
tried to walk to the store
Hannah loses it.

Ok you're up to speed

Me: Hannah, what is it?
Hannah: (among sobs)I need my shopping cart.
Me: What? Ugh.....
Hannah goes limp.
I think... why not?
Me: Ok
Hannah perks right up to the perfect angel

That is the story behind the cutest shopper
Now behold the cutest shopper 

She got all the things we needed and carefully placed them in her cart
Time to checkout