Wednesday, October 31, 2012

48 give or take

Hannah... geez!
 That little girl will keep you on your toes.
These are just some of the events of the past 48 hours.
I come into our den to find her on top of the tv stand...
coloring the tv screen.
 She had already vandalised the wall.
I am ironing in our bedroom.
Hannah takes my phone from the charger
and puts it in a cup of water.
 iphone = dead
This morning, I was working on Sarah's Halloween costume.
Hannah's in the laundry room,
 scattering laundry detergent and dryer sheets.
I'm getting Hannah dressed and take off her diaper.
She has a straight pin in her diaper.
Hannah runs off, climbs the toy chest and proceeds to pee on it.
Then as we are leaving the gym
 she asks for water. The teacher gives her some
and she says "Thank you!"
She warms my heart!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Little White Dress

Isn't she beautiful!?!!
Sarah Grace NeSmith was blessed on July 15, 2012.
She was given a beautiful blessing by her father.
Her qualities and gifts spoken of in her blessing have already shown through.
Sarah is peaceful, kind and patient. She is a sweetheart. We always call her Sweet Sarah, that nickname (I believe) will stick.
 Her uncles, grandfathers and father were able to stand in the circle.
 The best picture of the family.
 My beautiful sweet Sarah. This is the beginning of your "white" dresses. You'll wear many more and I look forward to each one. You'll wear your next white dress when you express your love for your Savior by following in his footsteps to baptism. Then you will wear one to enter the temple to covenant with your Heavenly Father. Finally, another white dress as you kneel across the altar from the man you love and start a family with him. You have grown up so quickly already. I look at your life and the days go by like they were a dream. The sweetest, tenderest dreams I have ever had. I look forward to thousands more of them. I love you Sweet Sarah!