Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baking care of business

This is my little helper in the kitchen. She's a great help. She puts butter into the batter, makes sure the sugar isn't poisonous, puts the eggshells in..... Wait I mean eggs in, and makes sure mommy doesn't eat all the batter.
She is the resident cook in this house

Granddaddy takes a break

There is a luxury of living in the same city as your granddaddy. It is even a bigger luxury when he works in the same building. It even gets better when he is just across the hall from Daddy. I am not sure if this applies to every granddaddy in the world. But it is for sure true about Hannah and Sarah's granddaddy. You see, Cookies are always a staple at Granddaddies office. If cookies aren't there, yummy crackers are. If those aren't there, there will be an emergency trip to Sam's that afternoon and granddad is just limping through on trail mix. If there is no food there, the world has ended. Granddad is way more than just cookies. 
He is a grandfather that loves his granddaughters and takes the time to show it.