Monday, December 17, 2012

Yikes!!! A two year old!

The Yikes is for me.
How did she become 2 so quickly!?!?
I still sit in amazement that I'm a mother at all.
Now I have a two year old.
It's the beginning of not counting her age by the months.
We didn't have a birthday blowout.
Well, maybe we did.
We blew a lot of noses.
Poor ole Hannah was sick again for her birthday.
We had a fabulous birthday lunch planned.
It came to a screeching halt.
So, new plans were made to have a birthday party with the pediatrician.
Because of this little sickness, I did get lots of cuddle time with her and enjoyed the heat from her little body snuggled into mine. I wish time would stand still sometimes.
The things I love about my Hannah include but not limited to:
Still humming as she eats
Wants to eat the cookies that are in our picture books
Has the cutest little swagger
When she pouts, her shoulders drop in disappointment.
She has mastered the art of moving chairs.
Her singing to Philip Philips.
The way she says my name when she thinks I'm being silly "Ma-maaaaaaa" with the last syllable dropping really low.
Her "disappearing" diaper. She always shows up with a full moon.
The way she chatters her teeth when she is saying yes that she wants something.
Her giggle when she is really tickled. Best laugh ever!
Her kisses and hugs to Sarah.
How excited she gets to see herself on facetime or videos.
The girl is over flowing with love (unless you have a beard)
I love love LOVE her and thank my Heavenly Father for ever moment I have with her.
I'm so lucky she calls me Mama!  

Yum toe jam

How gross!
I know!
My grandpa Hutchison use to say that to me.
When my father was a growing up,
my grandfather cut off his toes in a lawn mower accident.
Whenever I was visiting as a kid, he would soak his feet.
These are my memories as a 3 or 4 year old.
I would creep on my belly and peer over the bowl of water.
And think, "Wow, his feet look weird"
Then he would lean over and say,
"Do you want some toe jam soup?"
He'd laugh and laugh and I would lay there frozen on the ground disgusted.
Well, I don't these little piggies have any toe jam.
Sarah seems to think it's yummy.
Is this too gross of a blog?
I'm really just trying to showcase these cute little piggies on this adorable baby!

Daddy has the best ideas

I don't know when, but at some point I went away and left the girls with Stephen.When I came home it was obvious that Hannah had fun and that I needed to vacuum under my seat cushions.
Like a true man reverting back to his boyhood, Stephen had made an awesome fort with his daughter.
Love "fort hair"