Monday, April 23, 2012

My little girl.... The Carni

Ladies and Gentleman, if you turn your attention to the center ring be prepared to be amazed by the talented Hannah and her faithful steed, Jumping Zebra.
Behold her stunning beauty. Her grace as she mounts her pony. Her calming spirit brings reassurance to Jumping Zebra. She has been an equestrian since the tender age of just 12 months. That was when she and Jumping Zebra 1st met at Grandma's stable. They work tirelessly together to perfect their stunts for your enjoyment. Please ladies and gentlemen keep your arms and hands out of the ring as Hannah and her amazing horse, Jumping Zebra, perform their amazing acrobatic moves.
Behold, the barefooted bounce and the Slippery Sock Saddle ride.

Let's hear it for Hannah and her noble steed!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Workin at the carwashers

I love wireless. It means I can take my pictures from my phone and put them on blogger with no headaches. The past 3 or 4 months we have been without it. It' s been torture. But, for my birthday, (stories of one the best birthdays ever to come) my wonderful husband got me a router. It's so nice not to have to try and load movies and pictures at the doctors office or at other random places you go.
Anyway, there was a car
wash. This was back weeks ago when it was so warm. We had a little family car wash. At the house, I park under big tall trees that have these little bitty berries on them. This means birds, lots of them. Especially when migration season is going on. So, do you know what that means? Bird doo doo splattered all over my car. (Sorry mother, I don't mean to be crude.) But that's what happens. (At least I spared you those pictures.)
So Stephen and Hannah kindly washed my car.
I hope no one from child labor laws is seeing this.
Look at those chunky little legs. She's just too cute.
She loved washing the cars. Playing in the water and the suds made her so happy. I wish I could have gotten some better shots where she was just beaming. I think that she would be thrilled to do another photo shoot if she got to wash the cars again.

Pictures, yeah just pictures

If you're not into pictures of my little doll, this isn't the blog for you

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hannah has started hoarding

Hannah lately has started "hoarding" everything that will fit down her shirt. Yeah, that's right her shirt. Most often it's rocks. But I have found leaves, pennies, sidewalk chalk, candy and small toys.

My darling little girl must have played hard that morning. I was wondering why she was cranky for lunch. She kept saying no to everything. By the way, this has only happened one other time.