Saturday, December 7, 2013

A little yard work

Our Yard....
For too long
We had a dogwood tree in our backyard.
Dogwoods aren't the sturdiest.
A limb fell and damaged our neighbors house.
Dogwood had to go.
So it did, a year before this.
Not the most child friendly play area.
So, my handsome hunk fixed it.

Sarah was our little taskmaster.
She was really nice.
and so dog gone cute!
Step One Complete
Almost finished... just add kids.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Out Cold

There is nothing like a sleeping baby.
They are peaceful and still and precious in every way.
 I must confess, I am scared of sleeping babies.
  Why? Because when Hannah was a baby.
I felt like she was a super light sleeper. She would hear me tip toe down the hall while I held my breath. She was not the type of baby to cry for a couple of minutes and go back to sleep. She was a cry forever type baby. FOREVER. So I tried different things. But  in the end I would always have a cranky tired baby. But the moral of the story is not all babies are like that. I have good sleepers now.
So...back to the cuteness of peaceful slumbering.

This is a thing to be recorded in my family. Hannah falling asleep on the floor???
Wha??? Awesome
Most time sleep like this comes because of sickness.

Hannah crawled into the pack in play and couldn't get out. I knew that she was safe but I was busy so I left her in there. She got over an hour nap in there. 
Now, this baby is my cuddly little one. I think she could go to sleep almost anywhere.

Do you notice the granola bar in her hand?