Monday, July 21, 2014


I found this in my drafts.
We live in Montgomery, AL
That statement really reads
We live in no snow... like ever.
We got a small little dusting. SMALL 
But who cares (I do) the girls loved it anyway.

We were expected to get a lot more. Eye roll.... It hit more north.
My brother slept in his office for multiple nights.
They were not expecting it.
But I was, but it never came.

My little snowman
With a smile like that, I just can't care

The Family snowman
Happy Snow to us!

Things where they don't go

A little think thing called life

Life happens so quick.
Some days, the days are incredibly long and tedious.
But every day there is something special and wonderful that happens.
Since not everything on my weekly chore list gets done every week (like blogging)
Here is a little preview of our crazy wonderful world February to March. 

 I do know that this picture and following of Sarah was on Valentines Day. 
 They had heart donuts. I like that they fell in love.
 Sarah is still in crazy love with these shoes.... Really any pair of shoes.
Yesterday, I was getting ready for church and already had on my shoes.
She brought me another pair (that I guess she thought would go better)
Then tugged and told me to take off my shoes to wear the ones she just brought.
Today she has already worn 2 pair of my shoes and her sisters and cried that she wanted her shoes on. Not just any shoe would do though, it had to be her crocs.

 Hannah made herself a mustache.
Yep, that's her hair that she stuffed up her nose to create one awesome stache.

 One Hannah's favorite things to do to help out is to put the trash liner in the trash can.
Then this gross thing happened. Gross!