Thursday, February 27, 2014

Christmas lights

We went to go see the Christmas lights in Knoxville. 
It was really cool!
Hannah really loved them! Sarah was still sitting backwards in the car seat. Soooo, I don't know she really saw anything.
They had a lot of the lights go to a music.
Great times!

Sugar cookie makin

Christmas just is not Christmas if you don't make sugar cookies.
So of course, we welcomed the Christmas season with a delicious batch of sugar cookies.
Hannah, now is big enough to help. Well, you know really help.
She was great! 
Look at her rolling out that dough like a pro!
Frosting them was also a delicate procedure.
Each cookie at least needed a pound of frosting. (According to Hannah)
Sarah was of course quality control
Hannah was also a believer in sprinkles. I believe her philosophy was better to have the whole container of sprinkles than just a handful 
Sarah agreed.

That was how Hannah's hand looked during the ENTIRE time of decorating!

Sleepy head

Sweet Sarah, the most cuddle buggy baby got a little too comfortable in her chair.
Sweet dreams Angel face!

No way do I have a 3 year old

My eldest child turned 3.
Wowzier! I have been calling her 3 for quite a while.
Poor kid, because of that I held her to the standard of a 3 year old.
2 year olds and 3 year olds are not the same!
My beautiful, wonderful, vibrant child had a pretty great birthday.
It started off with breakfast at chick-fila.
Going to the zoo and getting to feed the parakeets.
Going to chuck-e-cheese. (Sorry no pictures)
Cake with the grands.
And Hannah then transformed into Doc McStuffins
She was overcome with delight to give everyone their check ups.
She is getting so big so fast. (Understatement)
I love this little ball of fire!
We love you baby-cakes!

Breaking and entering

We had an incident a while ago.
It involved a crying baby and a desperate mother.
It went something like this.
Baby starts to cry after a nap.
Mom thinks maybe I will let her cry a little, she might go back to sleep.
Baby cries for awhile.
Baby does not go back to sleep.
Mom picks up her lazy bones to console baby.
Mom tries to open door to babies room.
Said door is locked.
LOCKED???? Alas, the 2 year old had struck again.
Baby starts to wail
Mom calls Heman Husband
Heman Husband says to try and remove the doorknob. He also says if that doesn't work,
the Mom needed to knock the door in.
Mom gets her trusty tools out.
Screwdriver and Dollywood season pass.
Door remains locked.
Even without the doorknob.
Mom tries to break through door.
Yep, door is not going to budge.
Mom tries again to fandagle the door open.
Then mom uses her McGuyver skills.
Door swings open.
Mom rushes into her more than distraught daughter.
Snuggles all around.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I mean aquarium!
We went to Tennessee the first week of December.
We had so much fun!
Our first adventure was the aquarium.

Heart at seeing these best friends together.
I don't have any good pictures of any fish.

Make yourself comfortable

Go on Sarah! Take a load off!

The Little sickie

She was sick can you tell?