Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Steps

I had such a great time at the beach with my family this year. But there are so many pictures to go along with this great time. So, I decided to take it in BABY STEPS.

This is Hannah's first time to the beach. I think that she's a fan.

I love those little toes digging into the sand. So cute!
Look at those little leggies move!

Ooooh, this is pretty nice!
My lovely little lady at sunset

The family.

(So did you get it? Baby Steps. The title and Hannah's first steps on the beach? Ha, I'm so clever.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

29 for the rest of his life

Well, maybe not. I think only girls stay 29 forever.

Shoot, he is such a good looking man! How did I get so lucky!?!?By the way, last year was a pretty good birthday for Stephen.
We found a special surprise at a doctors appointment.
(Since I'm a computer retard, you can refer to this link as a refresher)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

While I sort through 514 pictures.... just from Mom

I had been asking my mom for these pictures for so long. Something always got in the way, Canceled trip, forgotten computer, didn't think about it.... So the wise mother of me burnt me a cd. Thanks Mom! But I have a long list of pictures I already want to use. (Sigh... things are going to have to be cut out) Well, since I have waited this long to post about the beach trip 2 months ago, what's another week and make it a great blog?

But to keep my 6 followers coming back for more NeSmitheration, here are some pictures of the beauty in the mean time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cabin Fever

This post is WAY over due. But I've delayed this due to another vacation that I haven't posted about. I don't have the pictures from that trip with my family and I wanted to keep them in order. Oh well, I broke down and posted about Father's Day and 4th of July so I figured I had already blown it. So, here are some snapshots of my (and Hannahs) very first vacation with the NeSmith crew. My family are beach bums and I've never seen why people vacation at other places.... Until now.

Stephen and his dad had some immigration business to attend to in Atlanta. So since Atlanta is on the way, Hannah and I tagged along.

(Side note: Have you ever heard of Sweet Tomato? I once ate there when I was probably around 16. I loved it then. LOVED IT! Since then it has always been in the back of my mind. I even looked up about starting a franchise in Tuscaloosa. YUM! So when I saw that it was just around the corner on our honeymoon I knew I had to go. When I told Stephen it was an all you can eat salad buffet, he said he'd eat Taco Bell. Boy did he miss out. Anyway, my amazing mother in law asked me what I wanted for lunch. I said Sweet Tomato. We drove almost an hour to get there. IT'S THAT GOOD! Wow, I could have almost done a full blog on just Sweet Tomato)

BUT ANYWAY, we stayed the night at a place just north of Atlanta that night where Hannah had her own slice of watermelon. She's a fan. A BIG fan!

Also a big fan of baths in kitchen sinks.

We stayed some where in north Georgia. To be completely honest when I was told we were going there I really thought (so embarrassed of myself) "why aren't they going some place with a view?" Umm, yeah, totally wrong. This place was jaw dropping. Serene, Majestic, Awesome, Beautiful, Peaceful are just a few of the words to describe this place. Just Amazing.

These pictures were right after a rain storm went through so you couldn't even see that far.

This is me trying to show the slope of a drive we were on. I didn't accomplish my goal. I really thought we would slide right off the mountain. like for real! RIGHT OFF THE MOUNTAIN!

This is the place you don't want to go for a walk. :)

This is what we did for most of the trip. But we did do a couple of other things like rafting which was so much fun. Really bummed I don't have any pictures of the brave rapid riders. Also that I don't have one of my beloved attempting to ride the bull. I also got to pick blueberries. I like to feel like I'm able to live off the land. Totally can't. But I like to pretend.

Stephen and I in all our grime. I'd like to say that we'd just gotten back from rafting but I don't think so. What can I say? We decided to go granola for the trip.

Stephen's beard. Looked pretty good. He'll have to do it again next vacation.

and of course the little girl loved it too!

We had a GREAT time!

Thanks Omo and Odo!