Friday, February 27, 2015

Petting Zoo

 Hannah's first pony ride

 I think she loved it
 She really is a little cow girl at heart!
She calls her little riding pony at home Sparky the wonder horse
(thanks Sheriff Callie)

Hannah is so loving and gentle with animals
(bugs are an exception. It's nothing but sheer panic)

Sarah really didn't want much to do with it.
(Probably because they were all bigger than she was except for this little wee one. I am pretty sure she got cornered)

Park Days

 I adore that little smile!
 and that smile!
 and that smile
 Check out Sarah's awesome headband!
She wouldn't let me fix it or take it off.
 She's such a fashionista

 oops! and that's Sarah falling face forward down the slide because her Mom wanted to take pictures
She was ok

She still needs naps

Hannah never wants to take naps.
Around February, she just stopped taking them.
However, if we hop in the car around 4:00,
She just can't stop herself from having a little snooze.
We went to T.J. Maxx, that is literally no more than 5 minutes away.
She was already a goner!
 Still snoozing in the middle of the store
 The Sandman is still working on her as we leave.
 Buckle her back in.
 Snoozes all the way to Hobby Lobby, a good 15 to 20 minutes away.
She still needs a good nap every now and then.

Church at home

When General Conference rolled around this April,
We had our big family brunch like always.
After eating, my sweet little Hannah decided to have church time with us all.
She passed out paper and pens and instructed us to draw our families. 
It makes me laugh!
I am so thankful for the sweet little times like this.

The New Little Bean

Welcome to the chaos little bean.
Welcome to the chaos!
We love you and can't wait for your arrival!

Let's go fly a kite

Who knew kite flying was so hard?
Not me
This is the best we could do
It's just nice to get out of the house
Bring on Spring!

Four Years of Awesomeness!

I think this picture is pretty self explanatory.
We have been married four years and have two kids.
We are tired and deserve a night to ourselves
.....if we can make it through dinner.
It has been wonderful.
We lay in bed at night and just marvel at how great we have it.
I count my blessings that I am married to him!