Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Take 2

Ok, so maybe take 79!
NO joke! Between this camera and my phone I had 79 pictures. I tried so hard to have the most precious Valentine picture.
But I guess not everything can be perfect.
Everything ended up like this
Or like this
Or like this
This is the best I got.
It's good.
But not what I was envisioning

A Conversation

So last night I reading to Hannah
We were reading the poems "What are little girls made of?"
After I read it, I asked Hannah
"What are little girls made of?"
Hannah's response
Stawas (Translation= Stars)
Me: What else are little girls made of?
She stops and thinks in her Hannah way.
(She puts one finger over her lips and taps her finger. ADORABLE!)
Hannah: Wabbits
Me: Rabbits? Little girls are made of rabbits?
She shakes her head yes.
I continue, What else are little girls made of?
Hannah with her same thinking process then says
Frogs???? Really Frogs? Umm ok.
So here you have it Ladies and Gentlemen
Little girls are made of stars, rabbits and frogs

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I just die

That cuteness kills me ever time!

The two year old strikes again!

When mothers back is turned= naughty time
Hannah this isn't lotion.
It's Desitin!!!

We may have a problem

The Turkburglar

I really tried to catch her in the act by camera. This is as close as I got.
Hannah is a fan of meat. Like a HUGE fan!
Awhile ago (I finally downloaded pictures from my camera)
I caught Hannah swiping turkey from the fridge. I was busy with making dinner so I turned a blind eye. However, a little later I wasn't elbow deep in dinner and found her eating the POUND of deli meat in the den. I THOUGHT I grabbed all of it.  
 Then I walk into check on her a little later and saw her do this.
Walk over to the chair you see in the corner. Lift up the cushion, (where a huge chunk of turkey meat sat) Take a small piece of turkey, put the cushion right back down and resume watching her tv show.  
Yeah, the Turkburglar hit our house.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Walk in the Park

I confess
I never go to the park.
Hannah begs to go ALL the time.
I always think
Sarah's taking a nap
It's so hard to get the girls packed up.
Sarah needs to nurse.
Are the girls going to fall asleep going home
What if Hannah climbs to high.
What if we have an accident.... in our pants?
I've got to do better.
Here's to Daddy that finally got us out the door a few weeks ago.
Poor ole Sarah didn't get out of her chair.
But she was a doll baby!
Ugh, could you get any cuter?
Hannah had a ball. Of course, I always get a guilt trip when we drive pass a park.
This sweet high pitched voice squeaks out from the back seat.
I vow to be a better mother and take my kid to the park.