Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Great Houdini

Hannah, where is your pacifer?

I know I put you down with a pacifer.

I don't see it in your crib.... I don't see it on the floor. Nope not under your stuffed animals. Not wrapped in blankets. Hmm, not under your bed.

What's that you say Hannah? You have performed your great disappearing act???

Now Hannah, you're going to have to help your mommy out a little bit.

Hannah, I know that you love mirrors but you don't have any in your room and you're not allowed to have any kind of smoke in your room.

Oh you just use slight of hand and your magic wand.


Voila, here's her hiding place.

Balanced on her crib. Notice she's using different pacifers. The girl's got talent. She's the next Hermione Granger.
She insisted that she needed a top hat and mustache.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Braves Opening Weekend

This past Saturday we were able to go to the season opener for the Atlanta Braves. I had a great time. It was Hannah's first baseball game. I think she had fun. She ate the first inning then snoozed through the 3rd to 5th innings then had a stroller ride 6th to the 9th inning. How can you not have fun when you get to eat, sleep and have a stroller ride? I think we were fairly "Brave" parents for taking a 4 month old out to the ballpark. (Get it? BRAVE, you know like the Atlanta BRAVES. Ha ha. I crack myself up) (Are my sunglasses to big for me? I think I look kinda bug eyed. I guess it doesn't matter, I'm sure I will be embarrassed of them in 10 years.)
My dad and the babe. I spent so much time dreaming what she would wear. I was determined that she would be the cutest baby at the park. She wore her way cute overalls for all of like 45 minutes. I'm glad I got at least one picture of her in her overalls. After ditching the overalls, she was still the cutest baby, just now in a slobber soaked onesie, that's just how she rolls.
La Familia.

I wish I got to spend more time with them.
The Sleepy Head. What a great day!!! (Well except for the whole Bravos not winning)

(Oh, and don't forget to ask Stephen why he didn't catch the foul ball)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Stephen and I have a very cute baby. Her official name is Hannah Cate NeSmith. On occasion we call her angel, babe or some other cutesy name. Recently, a new nickname has surfaced. In the pictures that follow, you will see why she has received this new nickname. ***Caution: Gross pictures follow. Not for those who have loose stomachs (like Hannah)***

BEHOLD VOMITOR!!!! Quiver with fear my friends. Burp clothes and receiving blankets are no match for her. Milky white curds spray from her chubby cheeks Landing on everything in site. Hours might pass between feedings but Vomitor never takes breaks. If she finds a shirt, pants, arm, leg, chair, hair, floor or finger to barf on, she will. Take precautions now, never stand within 6 inches of Vomitor because she will projectile vomit. Guard yourself now good citizens of this blog. Be warned that when she burps, she barfs!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Baby is 4!!!!

months, that is.

She has grown up so fast! I know that she is still quite young but I feel like it was yesterday that she was born. My mom always sang a little song to us growing up. The lyrics went something like "where are you going my little one, little one. Where are you going my baby my own..... turn around and you're a young girl walking out the back door." The song goes through the life of their child and ends with her having babes of her own. I know this might sound weird but whenever my mom would sing it, it would sound kind of eerie--like there was a sadness in her voice that we were growing up. Whenever she would sing it I wanted to stay little for her forever. My mom would never want that though. She has always enjoyed seeing us grow and take on new adventures. But now I understand that song on such a deeper level. I am so excited to watch Hannah grow up but my heart aches a little knowing that I won't be able to hold her as a newborn again. I totally love her.

How can you not? These are the things I love about her being 4 months old.

Her toes are her favorite toy.

She smiles at herself in the mirror

She holds up her legs so I can change her diaper

The wind facinates her

She can go longer than 2 hours to nurse

She sleeps 9 hours straight at night

She wants me to hold her all the time

When we say good night prayers she smiles and laughs at us

She plays with us Things I miss about my newborn:


Sleeps alot

Almost never cried

All that hair

Being 7 lbs. 12 oz

Teeniny little girl

Being so dependent

What I look forward to:

Baking cookies

Putting a ribbon in a little tuff of hair

Taking her to Disney World

Being potty trained

Having a tea party with hats and gloves

Watching her eat her first cupcake

Painting toe nails

Watching her take first steps

and so much more

We're going to have a great life together.