Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I have realized that I didn't take many pictures during the holiday. (It could be because I lost my brand new camera like 3 days after I got it. Never fear though I found it about 3 days before Christmas. I have a hard time with keeping track of my cameras apparently)

However, these are a few that I did get. This is Daddy and baby reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. I thought it was precious, I wish Hannah thought the same thing. Christmas morning was great.
Hannah was super surprised that both of her parents came to get her in the morning. I love the look on her face.This is her coming around the corner to see what Santa brought her.

A little pink pony for her to ride everywhere.

Perfect Fit! What a sweet ride!

Then she came to the stockings and dismounted her little pony.

The first gift from the stocking.... air freshener

(So side note... I know that when Stephen came home with air freshener I had to give him a quizzical look. Air freshener... really??? Turns out to have been the VERY BEST GIFT in that stocking. It has turned Hannah's room from a stale smell to the smell of flowers, sunshine and fairies. It's wonderful!)

There are alot of pictures with Hannah and her stocking but it had to be the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

The traditional fruit at the bottom of the stocking.

Nothing else could happen until she had eaten that banana.

Looking my Christmas finest.

I hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!

Hannah's Stash

Do you notice the big bald spot on our tree???Hannah thought she would try her hand at redecorating the tree. Apparently, it wasn't to her liking. Here she is busy at work.
It was all the balls on the tree, she told me. There were just far to many.

She kept them in a special place so no one would slip and fall.

She's so courtesy and thoughtful.

Another tree saved from being too gaudy.

Ok, I fold

I have been trying for weeks to get up the best video EVER!

I can't do it.

This Computer Genius (sarcasm at it's highest) can't do it.

That must mean it can't be done.

I was trying to have everything in chronological order. Oh well.

But it was awesome.

If you love my mom and her super charged personality you would have loved it.


I promise to post it if someone teaches me how

(It's a video from my iphone...Help! Please! I'm desperate)