Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I want to see Cats

We love going to the zoo.
Hannah practically talks about it everyday.
(I should probably just bite the bullet and renew our membership)
I asked her the last time we went what she wanted to see.
She said "CATS!"
So we dedicated this trip to see the cats.
The jaguars, I love them. They always put on a good show for the kids.
Always on the prowl.
My oldest would not pose until I shoved Sarah into a picture.
 Then, with much begging and pleading, Hannah decided she stay still for one shot.
 Like true Hannah style, I have one shot and one shot ONLY.
So, no cougars, no lynx, no cheetah, no lion.
Sarah was on team Mommy though.
Bless her and those dear lions that let me take their picture.
 Ok, here is my get back at my child story.
Ok, it wasn't my get back at my child story.
It's my I'm a bad mother story.
See the peacock just prancing around like he owns the place?
Well, He was super close to us as we rounded the corner.
I thought, I'm going to try and get this bird as close as I can to Hannah to take a picture.
So, I go around to the other entrance. 
(Leaving my children completely defenseless)
And slowly try and get the peacock to walk towards my 2 year old and 8 month old.
(Did I mention I left them defenseless. Mother of the year right here folks!)
I could see the tension start to mount and started clicking wildly.
 Alas, no awesome picture with Hannah and a peacock.
The peacock had enough and flew into the Asian exhibit.
(Where it had a standoff with one animals there. Nothing happened, just a lot of ruffled feathers and circling.)
 Precious moments at the zoo.

The Next Jillian Michaels

The little one has put us to shame.
Sarah has set incredible example for proper exercise.
  She just plops right down in front of us and starts her stretches and leg lifts.
 Followed by her push-ups. STRAIGHT BODY PUSH-UPS!
 I guess you have to do that if you want to eat like this.
and keep up with a physique like this.
If this is how she gets those beautiful, squishy, squeezable leg,s so be it.
Keep doing those leg lifts darling, keep doing those leg lifts!

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Wabbit comes to visit

We had a great Easter.
It was filled with lots of eggs, lots of candy, and lots of great food!
Do you happen to remember Easter last year?
Hannah had a cute shirt made. She looked darling in it.
The great news is that she still fit in it for this year.
Well, Stephen thought I should make one for little sis this year.
So, I did.
She was a total doll.
For some crazy reason, I didn't get a picture with the two girls together.
I have pulled out the shirts in hoping that I could do a "redo" picture.
It's now May, I have a feeling that might not happen.
Let the hunting begin!

The Motherload
Sharing the eggs, not the candy!

The Easter Bunny came for a visit that night and brought the girls lots of wonderful things.
(Can I just take a second to gloat? I made that egg banner. It turned out way cute! Thanks Pinterest!)
The whole basket exploring, Hannah was SO stoic.
I could not get her to smile. 
However, this little child was nothing but smiles.
Hunt number 2.
Thanks Uncle Lance for helping get the egg out of the tree.
Lance and Katie hosted a wonderful dinner.

Happy Easter (although late) from the NeSmiths!

9 months, she's NINE months!

Sarah Grace NeSmith
Alias: Biddy

Weighing in at 17 lbs 12 oz
Lover of foods except peas
Favorite food: Strawberries
No teeth
Master scooter
Beginner crawler
Talkative, talkative, talkative
Favorite entertainer: Hannah
(They can just look at each other and double over in giggles.)
Thinks Patty Cake is better than Beethoven.
Rocks retro clothing.
Grandma Cathy says it best: I want to be her!