Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Primary? Already?

Yikes! That's right Hannah
You have to sit still
You precious little thing
We love you! Have fun with the big kids!

Thursday, March 27, 2014


We are ready for you
Christmas has arrived!
The stall, to admire the loot!
The walk right past your stuff
The my sister got cool stuff
Wait?!?! What? I got cool stuff too?
A ball!!!

A giraffe too? Awesome!
Wow! My sister got cool stuff!

The girls really racked up this year! Check out the surprise gift from Santa in the back. (It's a trampoline)
But of course, this was the best gift of all from Santa. Headboard! BOOM!
We had a wonderful Christmas!

Trying to get pictures is like pulling teeth

All I want ALL I WANT
Is a decent picture of my children in front of the Christmas tree.

Gosh darn it! Please! Next year Mommies Christmas wish is to have a picture of my family in front of the Christmas tree!

Christmas Eve

I love this picture! It's awesome
Santa came on Christmas Eve for a quick visit. Hannah was thrilled, Sarah not so much. We are trying to establish what our traditions are. This year the girls watched "how the Grinch stole Christmas", we sprinkled reindeer food on our lawn, read the Christmas story from the scriptures and read "Twas the night before Christmas" I think we did something else but I can't remember. We did have a wonderful time. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

We love to ice skate

We love to play like we are ice skating. We roll back our rug and put on our socks and play classical music and sing "I love to ice skate, ice skate, ice skate!" Record hit quality right there! Well, recently added to her "ice skates"
If you can't tell Hannah shoved candles down her sock and "laced" up her shoes.

Zoo lights

We had a party

The first real birthday party that had friends and extra presents and awesome pirate hats/crowns. 
The attendees included a slew of adorable children, cool uncles, a great grandmother and
Two awesome grandparents.
We went to McDonalds. (The first birthday party of mine, that I can remember, was at the McDonalds red caboose) It was a lot of fun. ( I also didn't have to do anything which was major plus!)
Oh and the little sis attended too!
An awesome grandparent kept her entertained'
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!