Friday, April 13, 2018

Hallow's there!

Halloween 2015
We have a
kitty cat
and a .....
pirate...??? maybe a Frenchman.
Let's say Frenchman because I am totally not clever enough to come up with that. But, that's exactly what he looks like to me.

The traditional pizza jack-o-lantern.
Yummy cookies, just what we need, more sugar!
Pumpkin carving
See the tights there? I think it was suppose to be a pirate.
But that mustache had me wishing I had barre. 
All Sarah could talk about was her wanting to be a pumpkin.
She was the CUTEST  pumpkin ever!!!
Little sassy cat! Meow!
The family with the stuffed missionary pumpkin. Not going to lie, pretty proud of it. 

Oh my stars! They make me melt!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Three men in a tub

or kids

The Almighty Storm

When the Man of the House is out.
Our house gets hit by a big ole storm.
Water was blown underneath the door,
Next door neighbors GIANT oak tree came down.
Power out.
Multiple trees down.
No tornado. But wow! What a storm! It only really hit our neighborhood.
The meteorologist called it like a Super gust or something like that.
Everyone is ok. But, I'm a little leary of those big trees now.

Families first movie

We are a movie family.
An at home movie family.
Everyone did amazing.
Peanuts for the win!

Friend time

Our cute little church friend came over for a visit.
We had a lovely tea party!

Singing time

Our kids love to sing.
Here they are belting out some of their favorites
(Do you remember when Sarah was obsessed with touching her ears?)
She is so cute. 
Ready for Mo Tab!

Getting those high notes!

Mess makers remix

Put your bowl in the sink.
Hannah, don't leave your bowl on the floor.
McKay is going to get your cereal.
Pick up your bowl!
Too late!!!

At, least he seems to be enjoying himself!