Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why I blog

I blog to capture the moments in life that shouldn't be forgotten.
Like the sleeper hold.
Not  everything is picture perfect
 Sometimes it is.
 Sometimes the sun is shining
 and the wind blows through our hair
But not always.
 Things get disheveled and dirty 
 My life is so precious right now.
 It won't always be this way.
 But right now it's pretty chaotic, sticky, overwhelming and perfectly grand.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Three Years

What a wonderful 3 years we have had.
We have been so blessed!
We have a lovely, comfortable home
A job that can support a stay-at-home mother
2 beautiful baby girls
And a marriage that started within the walls of the Temple.
 My Mom and Dad have a saying hanging in their home
"Happiness is being married to your best friend"
I am married to my best friend.
Just so all of you know, the saying is true.
Happy 3 years babe!

Valentines Day

We had a little cutie for Valentines Day!
She's such a little cutie!
 This was her date.
Uncle Scott
She made the sign herself.
She's so talented for such a little lady.
Hannah and her date are not pictured
Her and Sammy, I'm sure enjoyed a fun filled night of laughter and jumping on couches.
Me and my date.
We had a fun filled night at Za-Za's.
(This is the night I learned never to trust a menu that doesn't have prices. Also the night I had lobster ragu. It's what blissful dreams are made of. Yum!) 
 Thank you pinterest for your amazing creative pins
 I think Stephen liked it.
 This is cupid sending out her message of LOVE.
She was totally into her message.
Love you all!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The best time to go to Disney

Leave the kids at the condo.
Hit the park for a night time excursion.
 It is THE best time to hit up Disney.
The fireworks show starts at 7:00.
Then a huge wave of people leave.
 Then 8:00 hits with the parade.
Then a huge wave of people leave.
 That leaves all the lines open.
Which means no lines.
The park is open until 11:00
What a wonderful time to be at the park.
 It was like our Honeymoon all over again.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Magic Kingdom

What we've all been waiting for
 Why we didn't ask the hoards of people to take our picture as a group
I know not
 Did we ruin a magical moment for that couple?... awkward!
 Just taking it all in.
 This is the only castle I have ever seen in real life.
I'm pretty sure that all the castles out there are jealous of this one.
 The people mover.

 Hannah hated the race track.
Do you see the little tuff of blond hair coming from behind the drivers wheel?
Well, see couldn't exactly see nor does she have any concept of what steering really is.
It was about this time that all of watch that little blond tuff getting tossed around the car as she slammed into the little rail that keeps her on track. It horrifing to watch but HILARIOUS to watch.
Poor girl got whiplash.
Granddad said that she lost it after that and cried the rest of the way.
 We made a promise not to spin it.
I still walking away a little woozie.
 Tuckered out. As soon as we got on the Peter Pan ride and it got dark, she was out.
 Thanks Daddy for looking at the camera.
Hannah was to busy looking for Captain Hook
Funny thing is, I don't think she knows who Peter Pan is but definitely knows who Captain Hook 

 I was told to sit down in It's a small world so I don't have a family picture.
But I had plenty of pictures of my "brothers and sisters" from around the world. 

 Such a great Daddy!
 One of the few times Hannah sat in the stroller willingly
 Our last visit was to Daisy and Minnie.
(Yeah I know those aren't my kids)
 Such a patient little girl.
 As I am writing this Blog. Hannah gets excited all over again and wants to see them. So goes to the play room in search of her Minnie Mouse saying I want Minnie Mouse, I want Minnie Mouse." I know have Minnie Mouse sitting on my chest checking everything I say.

 I will personally say this was the HARDEST wait for me. 25 minutes
Crazy I know, but it was so sweet to see her meet one of her best friends for the first time.
I mean for real warm feelings all over again writing this.
 This about sums it up.
Hand holding (It is the most magical place on earth) 
We were so tired we couldn't keep our eyes open.