Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Passing of the Bar

Watch out Matlock, Stephen passed the Bar!!!!That was just a voice of warning for you Ben. Because Stephen could kick your trash in the court room. However, your in luck Mr. Matlock, Stephen will not be trying those gruesome murder cases that always seem to prevalent to the Atlanta area.
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He brought me breakfast and flowers. He is amazing!!!

It's official.

Some of Our Favorite Pictures

This is the second ultra sound picture that was taken. It was right at 3 months. It was so much fun to see her jump and move during the ultrasound. I love these pictures because I can see her all at once. She's so cute. I'm not sure how far along I was at this point. Probably some where close to 16 weeks. I thought I was HUGE. I was so proud to be sporting the pregnacy pants. I definitely don't fit in those pants any more.
This is me probably about a month ago. Hmm...they grow so fast.
More to Come (at some point)

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a ......

OK, We're on the way! You can just see the excitement for the both of us. Stephen looks like he is six and waiting to see what Santa brought. Ok, maybe even more excited than that. I dare say that it has been the best birthday present he has ever received.
We are just about to start!!!

We decided to tell everyone in Stephen's family at the same time. Don't you want to know? We decided to wrap up the answer so everyone would find out together.
The wrapping paper was most fitting for the occasion. We let the matriarch of the family do the honors.

TA DA!!!!
Pamma's little red raspberry!