Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Passing of the Bar

Watch out Matlock, Stephen passed the Bar!!!!That was just a voice of warning for you Ben. Because Stephen could kick your trash in the court room. However, your in luck Mr. Matlock, Stephen will not be trying those gruesome murder cases that always seem to prevalent to the Atlanta area.
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He brought me breakfast and flowers. He is amazing!!!

It's official.

Some of Our Favorite Pictures

This is the second ultra sound picture that was taken. It was right at 3 months. It was so much fun to see her jump and move during the ultrasound. I love these pictures because I can see her all at once. She's so cute. I'm not sure how far along I was at this point. Probably some where close to 16 weeks. I thought I was HUGE. I was so proud to be sporting the pregnacy pants. I definitely don't fit in those pants any more.
This is me probably about a month ago. Hmm...they grow so fast.
More to Come (at some point)

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a ......

OK, We're on the way! You can just see the excitement for the both of us. Stephen looks like he is six and waiting to see what Santa brought. Ok, maybe even more excited than that. I dare say that it has been the best birthday present he has ever received.
We are just about to start!!!

We decided to tell everyone in Stephen's family at the same time. Don't you want to know? We decided to wrap up the answer so everyone would find out together.
The wrapping paper was most fitting for the occasion. We let the matriarch of the family do the honors.

TA DA!!!!
Pamma's little red raspberry!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So I suppose I have a new "Home town." Stephen and I moved to Montgomery in May. In my personal opinion, I think it is a little difficult to move a 1400 square foot house into a 900 square foot apartment. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

However, I have also learned that I don't need all the "stuff" that is packed up and left in storage.

Here are some pictures from the move. Big thanks to all those who helped!!!
These were my muscle men packers in the kitchen. They might look little, but they sure can pack a box!

And this is my muscle man that packed the truck twice! (Not to mention unloading it twice!)
Good bye ceiling fans, Good bye green kitchen, Good bye space! You will be missed!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Formal Education.... Check

What do .... Stephen NeSmith, Terrance Cody, Joe Namath, Ray Perkins, Shaun Alexander, Javier Arenas and Bart Starr....have in common?
Football greats??? Umm...not quite.
What if I added these people to the list... Harper Lee, Sela Ward, Jim Nabors, Richard Shelby...still don't have it???
OK, one more hint to help out... ME!!! Add me to the list of what these people have in common!

We all graduated from the University of Alabama!!!

YEA!!!! for Stephen!!!! After three grueling, long, hard (and sometimes mind numbing) years. Stephen graduated from law school.

He followed the path of other great lawyers of Montgomery... Frank W. Riggs and Stephen M. NeSmith. Big shoes to fill!

We wish you could have been there Papaw!

Are you Ready for more of this???

Because she is on her way!!!
Not in this picture though :)
On April 09, 2010 at 10:30 at night we found out we had a baby on the way.
The baby will be the first grandchild on his side.
She will be the sixth for my family.
December 15, 2010 is the due date.
My oh my how quickly things change.

Last One... Our Favorite

Just Pictures of the Wedding

March 12, 2010 is fabulous

I can't do enough or say enough about this day in my life. I love him. Period.

I think I love the pictures coming out of the temple the best. They capture the happiness so well. It's not even like we see the 30 people waiting for us. It's just us.

I wish I could post all of our pictures. But I'll try to keep it to just a few.

Grumble Grumble Grumble
Why am I a blogger dummy??
I need help

Friday, August 13, 2010

Let's play catch up!

So I'm not the best blogger...
What you couldn't tell?

My husband Stephen has been asking me to do a blog for literally months. I am not computer savvy... and that's a huge understatement. But Stephen and I feel that it is like we are preserving our family for generations to come. Unfortunately, I am getting a poor start on our family. On September 12 we will be celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary. It has been PURE BLISS!!! Stephen is the best thing in my world!
So many wonderful and amazing things have since our life began together. So I'll try and give a rundown in pictures that will help you catch up on the major events in our life. (Then hopefully, that will put you on track for the not so major events in our life.) Enjoy!

The night that my dreams started to change to my reality. We got engaged on December 16, 2010. Rachel NeSmith.... doesn't it sound lovely?

Isn't he just dreamy folks??? These are a couple of the pictures we took for our engagements.

We got engaged on top of the tallest building in Tuscaloosa. It was beautiful being able to see all the lights and of course being snuggled up to the one I love!

On March 12, we were married in the Birmingham, AL temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was day one of Rachel Hutchison NeSmith. Unfortunately, because it was so long I really remember many of the details of the day. Some of my favorite moments include Stephen coaching me on the ride to the to say "yes" at the alter and the car honking as Stephen goes in for a kiss. (See picture at left.) My favorite moments are those that Stephen and I shared in the celestial room talking about our dreams for our journey together.

We had a wonderful honeymoon in Orlando. It was so much fun. But, I kinda sorta forgot my camera... I'm not the best with remembering the small things. So thank you cell phone inventor that thought it would be a great idea to have a cell phone that doubles as a camera. Now, if only your consumer can figure out how to take the images off her camera and load them to her computer. (Yikes!!! I'm totally not a cell phone/computer person)
Sorry guys....this is going to be it for this post. But I will resume. I promise you Stephen, I will resume.