Thursday, June 21, 2012


Time is flying by!
My little princess is 18 months (and some extra days)
This is her and granddad. They share the same birthday so they will share a birthday cake until Hannah wants a Fancy Nancy or Minnie Mouse birthday cake. On second thought, Granddad would still love to share a cake like that.

(Why isn't this picture acting like it should? Don't you know that I don't have time, patience or knowledge to fix you? Whatever blogger. You win) 

 She is our little doll. Hannah has such a little personality.
I used to laugh and totally blow it off when people would call her the "boss." She lives up to the title completely. My Mom says on a scale of 1 to 10 she only has a 1 and a 10. Hannah could be just doing her thing then you could look cross-eyed at her and she's at the 10 mark and you'd see steam come out of her ears.

We have had an amazing, wonderful 18 months with just Hannah. But, times are just about to change for us. I will miss it terribly. I have learned so much from her and have enjoyed seeing her develop and grow. 
Despite the picture, we're not potty training yet. Hopefully very soon, once we get settled back into "normal" life. She just really likes her froggy potty.  
Things we love about Hannah:
1. The way she runs to the door when she hears Daddy come home
2. How she sticks out her tongue when she wants to eat something
3. As we sing Popcorn Popping, she does all the signs to the song.
4. She waves and blows kisses to everyone. (at a safe distance)
5. When she pats our back.
6. Loves anything to do with water. So I usually have a companion to take a shower with.
7. Always wants to put on her shoes or ours.
8. When she blows raspberries on us.
9. When she watches Mickey Mouse, she'll answer all of Mickey's questions with authority.
10. Folding her arms and kneeling for prayer.
11. Getting up in the morning involves emptying out all her "friends" first. Then she can get out. Like a good captian of any boat, she's the last to abandon ship. 
12. Her big helper attitude. Wants to help sweep and vacuum every time.
13. If I need a nap and put on the tv for her. She'll come and check on me every commercial break.  
14. Her running waddle. Those little hips going left to right so fast crack me up.
15. When she dances. HILARIOUS!
16. Her smile is contagious
17. When she wants something she points and grunts. When we get the thing she wants it turns into a gaping open mouth and a furious head shake.
18. That she is Hannah. We can't get enough of her love.
You'll be a great big sister Angel!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting ready for Sarah Grace

Hannah Cate dear, it's getting to be time.
It's getting to be time that you give up the only child title.
Not that anyone else will ever take it.
But Sarah Grace is coming on Friday.
It's time to prepare for Big Sisterhood.
Let's Prepare! 

The Basics
Car seat. Being so careful with the baby.
Buckling her in tight.
Safe and Sound. Sarah Grace is in good hands.
Next, play time.
Getting her buckled in
Wrapping her in a nice warm blanket.
Hannah, you're going to be such a good big sister!
Here's to hoping we have more smiles than screams!

Monday, June 4, 2012

A babymoon and a birthday

This might have happened a few months ago BUT it can NOT be over looked. It was my birthday and it was nothing short of AWESOME!!!

Stephen took me to Atlanta for an amazing dinner and a baseball game.
We went to Fogo de Chao. If you ever have an opportunity to go TAKE IT.
It's a Brazilian steak house. All you can eat (music to a pregnant woman's ears)
The "gaucho" chefs come to your table offering you their grilled meat.
AMAZING!!! That's all I can say.... Amazing!
When we came in, they wished me Happy Birthday.
I thought that was odd, we had just walked in. How did they know?
My Stephen, my wonderful and amazing Stephen had called them before to tell them it was my birthday and requested the best table.
 Who does that???
 THE most thoughtful man in the world!
Stephen McKay NeSmith Jr.
I also scored this amazing HUGE cheesecake. Delicious!
So after a wonderful evening at dinner, we went to our hotel.
Guess what I found?
A cake.... for me
He called the hotel and told them it was my birthday.
What a sweet heart!
The next morning, unfortunately, he had to go to immigration court. So we weren't able to sleep in. Poor guy! But it didn't take long though.
After hitting up Waffle House, we went to the Braves game.
It rained off and on but it was a great game!
There were a ton of hits and lots of action.
Like foul balls.
This is ours.
 We were sitting RIGHT by the ball boy and when we were walking in Stephen said something  like "Hey my wife is pregnant. She'd love to get a ball."
So who got the first foul ball.... Sweet little Sarah Grace.
What an awesome daddy!!!
What an awesome day!!!
Just for the record I married the best man ever!

Thanks Stephen for making ever day full of wonderful memories!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Next Big Thing in Hair

This is Hannah's new trial run for her hair product. She didn't have anyone to test her new product on so naturally she resorted to testing it out on herself. 
It's called Salty Play dough. It's a great name. Her creative juices were flowing when she came up with that name.
Unfortuanatly, it didn't have quite the effect that Hannah had in mind. It didn't thicken her hair or make it grow and did not make it super soft. She'll go back to the drawing board, I'm sure.
If by chance she convinced you to try some, the way to get it out is to take a bath and comb your hair while your is soaking wet.