Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We had a BIRTHDAY!!! Shout HOORAY!!!

A year ago I had this little angel baby come into our lives. What a blessing she has been. Today, we have an angel baby still, just a little more grown up.Hannah has gone from 7 lbs 12 oz to 19lbs 6oz
from 20 inches to 28 inches from being just a ball to cuddle to giving her own hugs and kisses
from only drinking milk to eating anything

These are a few of the things Hannah loves:
Emptying Cabinets
Her Daddy
Her Grands
her barn
emptying toilet paper rolls
music to dance to
bath time
finding mom in the shower
Her mommy
pulling up moms shirt
holding onto adults legs
pulling off socks and shoes
Giving kisses Hannah was really lucky this year. She had 2 birthday parties.
That means twice the cake!!!

Her cousins gave her some great gifts! Thanks boys!

This was her real birthday

She got lots of wonderful presents.

Don't make fun of my cake. It might not look beautiful but it was made with lots of love.

Proof that it was at least delicious. Hannah was a big fan of the cake. Handful after handful. She had a great time.

What a beautiful baby.... I mean little girl (tear)

So I awoke to

Stephen saying to me. Sorry to wake you up like this. But, I think I need your help moving furniture. I think we've got a mouse in the house.EKKK!!! We went to the front room where Stephen blocks off the room. Then he lifts the couch on end. (I thought he needed my help. Guess not after all) Stephen goes to the back to try and find some light to look through bookshelf, toy chest and Christmas tree. While he's gone, I hear it. Not only once but twice!!! I quickly leap up on top of a chair with Hannah in my arms looking intently at the floor for any sign of movement. Then I remember that I'm ***somewhat*** of a shrieker and could very well lose my grip of my dearly beloved little girl. So I got down from the chair. Stephen thought it would be best for him to hunt without me and the little girl making so much noise. (oh well for helping) He comes back a few minutes later and says. I think it's inside the tree stand. So we quickly devise a plan to put Hannah in her room with juice, snack and every toy she owns while we take down the tree. Poor Hannah cried every moment we were gone. But we got that tree down in 5 minutes.
Including lights ornaments and angel. No mouse. We still hear it. Stephen needed to get ready for work so he hit the showers. I still hear it and start to think, it sure sounds like a dying animal and it almost sounds like it's coming from outside. Then I convinced myself that there was some poor injured animal right outside our window. I raised the blinds and peek out the window to see if I see anything there. I don't see anything and then all of sudden, right above me there was a squeak. I about jumped out of my skin. I went to go feed Hannah. Stephen came out and said the he had an idea. He thought maybe it's coming from outside. I had been thinking the same thing already so he went outside to check if there was an animal. I started to think then to that maybe it was the suction cup that held up our wreath outside.

Sure enough, it was the combination of heavy winds and a squeaky hook. The good news is that the Christmas tree is put up.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This is *kinda* late. Sorry. But I wanted to make sure we had it in here for posterity's sake.So, Happy Thanksgiving from the NeSmith family
We went up to Grandma Jan's and Papa's house.

Grandma Hutchison was there along with all the cousins

We even had some extended family with some of Uncle Gary's family and Uncle Craig there.

On Thanksgiving morning we all went for a walk at the University.

Mom is always the photographer and misses the pictures. Poor Mom. This is the only one with her in it.

The brave men that tackled the Hutchison Turkey bowl.

The walkers. Bicyclist not pictured. Along with our sweet little Hannah Cate who was taking a nap at grandma's and Robyn who volunteered to stay home with her. THANKS ROBYN!!!

Hannah learning to walk. She's close.

I wish the sun could have hit Stephen's face so you could see how handsome he is. Did I mention I made Hannah's dress. I think it's super cute. A bit big, but still super cute.

You know what this means?

In our house it means this.

Monday, December 5, 2011

No Motivation

It's been 4 weeks since I posted. 4 WEEKS!!! 4 weeks I have deprived you all from seeing my little sunshine. But in my defense, we've been busy. Then we were gone, then we all got sick. Never fear folks, I think we are on the mend. Poor ole Hannah all she did on Thursday was sit on my lap and sleep. Didn't even get down to play. She's feeling better though, I think. She's playing again so I think that's a good sign.Well, we've got much to catch up on. Hang in there. There will be a worthwhile blog soon.