Monday, May 28, 2012

The End is NEAR!!!

What a little sweetheart!!! We had an ultrasound this past week. I didn't realize that I got another one until my previous appointment. At this point with Hannah, I had ultrasounds every week for quite awhile due to my health problems. Hannah was a mover and wiggly in the womb but not like this little one. She gave us quite a show at the doctor's office. It was so sweet and awesome. You can see her mouth open in the picture below. She was kicking and putting her hands up but my favorite thing she did was play with her toes. ADORABLE!!!   
This has been a very different pregnancy than Hannah. At this point with Hannah, I had looked like I had swallowed the Marshmallow man and my ankles were the size tree trunks. This little sweet was a little more tender to her mommies feelings and let her keep her "girlish" figure. (I have gained plenty of weight but I just appreciate the fact that when you look at my legs you can still tell that they are legs) But I actually kinda feel like this has been a more difficult pregnancy. It's probably the fact that I have been chasing a one year old around. Well, maybe it's the fact that I am within a month of delivery and just feeling the pain.

I'm so excited for her to come into our family. Everyone is. Hannah is so cute with her. I'll ask her where baby sister is and she'll pat my belly. On occasion she'll lift up her shirt and pat her stomach. When I ask her if she wants to give the baby a kiss, she'll put her cheek on my stomach and hug my stomach. Hannah also plays with her by blowing raspberries on my stomach. That cracks me up every time. Stephen has started to see my stomach move with her kicks and general rolling around. At our last appointment she measured at 6 lbs 1 oz. She will more than likely me delivered on the 15th of June. I wouldn't mind if she came earlier. And "she" will likely be Sarah Grace. We have had such a dilemma with picking a name. Lists lists and more lists coupled with adding up points. We are so excited to make her entrance into the world!    

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The perfect door

This is just too cute to not post. This is from weeks ago when I went to go visit my Mom. She loves the dog. In fact, she said "Ginger" (the dog's name) before she said Mama.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The tails of Peter Cottontail

So this has been a long time coming. Easter was so much fun for us. We had a blast. But we forgot a thing or two. You know like, the Easter basket thing. Correction, we didn't forget, we just didn't do it. Stephen had a tradition growing up that the Easter baskets were hidden. That's great! I love carrying on traditions for our family. However, between getting ready for church (sorry no pictures of the Easter duds), going to church, lunch, nap time, dinner and Easter dessert with some friends the time never came. Little Hannah Cate never got an opportunity to seek out her basket. (It was on top of the dryer. It has continued to sit there.) I thought I could fool everyone into thinking I was a good parent and take pictures of her finding it another day and pretend it was Easter. Yesterday, I finally cracked and got the coloring book out of the basket so I could try and have some "me" time. (Didn't work. Apparently, magenta, yellow-green and red taste great in crayon form. We'll have to work on coloring another day.) So here are the pictures of the big Easter Egg hunt at church.
Let me just gloat a second. I made her shirt and it's adorable.
Here is a little video. We would practice in the backyard. She has a little basket and a ton of golf balls that she goes around picking up and putting in her basket. She's so cute!