Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My little girl made me a Mother!

This hurt This hurt worse

This was gross

This was grosserThis is my baby

She makes it worth it

If I had to do it all day


I love you angel!!!

Happy Mother's Day. Me and Hannah in our first matching outfit.

Happy 5th of May!!!

or shall we say Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!Cinco de Mayo is such a fun excuse for gringos to eat Mexican food, dress the baby in feista clothes and sing la cooka racha. (wait... that's not how you spell that??? Don't blame me I'm just a white girl.) I'm talking about the cockroach song. Stephen, help me out. How do you spell it?
Oh, and of course have a picture taken with a Mariachi band.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Venus Fly Trap

The TrapThe Victim, an unexpecting little girl
The Scene is set. Uh oh Hannah, watch your back!

She's closing in on you!!!!



Hannah's first Easter was spent up in Tuscaloosa this year. The Easter bunny came on Saturday and there was also an Easter egg hunt. This is the Easter Bunny with a huge egg. Oh wait, that's Hannah's head. She got a little lost in the fur.Jackson and Sam devouring their loot.
Hannah missed the big hunt but she was busy sleeping. She got a little gift though.

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on the way!

Hannah loving a Sunrise. Happy Easter!

Making sure we smell all clean for Easter.

The Grands with the grands.

(Sorry about the bubble Jackson)

Happy Easter to all!